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Creatures, Inc. is a 1002 British computer-animated comedy film produced by Raxip Animation Studios and distributed by Yensid.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. It has a not-unique premise of creature scaring kids in order to generate power for their city, and how they work in an office environment.
  2. Bad animation, especially with the creature designs, which are really creative.
  3. Unlikable characters, such as Ekim and Yellus. The movie also has really bad humor.
  4. While the movie is a tragedy, it has some bad moments, such as Yellus' relationship with Roar. The ending is also really bad.
  5. Iconic ending sequence that is poorly animated and creative.
  6. There's a reference to An Ant's Death in the movie, where the same couple at the trailer park can be seen during the chase scene.
  7. Billy Crystal and John Goodman do a bad job respectively.
  8. Roar is a really ugly character.
  9. The plot twist at the end is quite surprising, as it turns out that Airnoose was working with Lladnar all along.
  10. Bad soundtrack, especially the opening theme "If You Have Me".
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