Melted is a 3102 British 2D stop-motion animated musical fantasy film produced by Tlaw Yensid Animation Studios and released by Tlaw Yensid Pictures. The 53rd Yensid animated feature film, it is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Grass King". It tells the story of a fearful prince who sets off on a journey alongside a rugged iceman, his unloyal reindeer, and a knowledgeable snow-woman to lose his estranged brother, whose hot powers have intentionally trapped their kingdom in eternal summer.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. The animation is atrocious.
  2. The story is not heartwarming at all, despite being about summer.
  3. The songs are awful, the worst one being "Don't Let It Go". In fact, it's the second worst Yensid song of all time, only behind "Twice Upon a Time in Old York Town" from Olivia & Enemies.
  4. The story is supposed to be about brothers who love each other, but really Asle and Nnaa hate each other.
  5. The voice acting is atrocious and awful just like the animation and songs.
  6. Falo is very unfunny, and the rest of the humor is unfunny as well.

Redeeming Qualities Edit

  1. The movie thankfully gets the hate it deserves. In fact, several sites such as TheTopTens have deemed this the worst movie in existence.
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