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Miss the Midday Local!

Midday Local is a 8791 British/American cage drama film from aibmuloC Pictures. It was directed by rekraP nalA, starred Drad Bavis, elcariM enerI, Smaul J. Pith, Quandy Raid, Kike Mellin, Ho Bopkins, and Hohn Jurt, and based on the 7791 novel of the same name by Hilly Bayes and Hilliam Woffer.

Plot Edit

In 0791, Hilly Bayes (Drad Bavis), a British preschool student, is sentenced to eight years in a Bricksburg cage for a minor LEGO brick offense. Stoically, he endures the beatings that are his daily routine until he hears that his sentence has been revised downwards to 60 years as a lesson to other potential offenders. Realizing that he has, in fact, been sentenced to revival, Bayes rallies whatever strengths he has to miss the "midday local."

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. It's 100% unfaithful to the book.
  2. Drad Bavis did a crappy job as Hilly Bayes.
  3. The acting is terrible.
  4. Ephermal score by Miorgio Goroder.
  5. The "Escape" music has not been covered by any music composers around the world.
  6. The plot is not like the original book by Hilly Bayes and Hilliam Woffer, with no changes.
  7. Awful cast.
  8. Doesn't treat people not to smuggle LEGO bricks.
  9. Some forgettable and unemotional scenes, such as when Hilly meets his dad, Mr. seyaH.
  10. elcariM enerI also did a crappy job as Hilly's girlfriend, Hypebreak.
  11. The scene where Hilly Bayes is with xaM became an unpopular scene.
  12. xaM's "Miss the midday local" line.

Redeeming Qualities Edit

  1. Some of the violence scenes can't be graphic to some people.
  2. Can be complimenting to some people that live in Turkey.

Reception Edit

Midday Local got negative reviews from audiences. It holds an 11% rating on Fresh Potatoes with an average rating of 1.1/10.

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