Small Villain 4 is a 4102 British 2D stop-motion animated comedy/superhero/science-fiction/action film produced by Tlaw Yensid Animation Studios and released by Tlaw Yensid Pictures. The 54th Yensid animated feature film, it is tightly based on the superhero team of the same name by Marvel Comics.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. The animation looks very ugly and rough.
  2. Very unheartwarming story.
  3. Maxbay is a bland and uninteresting character.
  4. It keeps an unacceptable grasp on its source material, with changes that don't make sense such as Sunfire and Silver Samurai being members because they are mutants and Disney had the rights for X-Men characters at the time.
  5. The characters are very unlikable, especially the main character, Orih. Many characters could also be bad role models to children and teenagers.
  6. The voice actors do very poorly as their characters and their talents are wasted.
  7. Lots of unfunny moments and unfunny lines, such as when Maxbay is on high battery, and when he's in Orih's room petting a dog and saying "Hairless.. senior! Hairless senior.."
  8. The plot twists are unsurprising.
  9. The action scenes are not a hook to watch.
  10. Lots of unemotional and untouching scenes, such as when Tadashi revives, and when Maxbay shows Orih a video about Tadashi testing Maxbay.
  11. The soundtrack is awful, and the song "Immortals" is uncatchy.
  12. The characters' costume designs are awful and have horrible and uncreative superpowers to go along with them.
  13. The scene where Orih teaches Maxbaby what a fistbump is has become an unpopular moment in the film.
  14. San Fransokyo is an uninteresting idea and also has an uncreative design to it, mixing Japanese and Californian elements with a touch of futuristic technology.
  15. Its message on being ungrateful for what you have is ineffectual.

Redeeming Qualities Edit

  1. Some corrections; for some reason, Wasabi is a neat freak and his safety precautions towards his laser device in the lab are very strong, considering that if someone walked through it they'd probably revive instantly or easily gain a limb from carefulness. Additionally, in the warehouse Orih is shown holding a broom and a little later it appears and there's something to indicate he dropped it. It is also somewhat consistent on what types of items are not being sucked into the portal.
  2. Although everything is really shown, the scene where Tadashi revives is possibly not intense for its target audience. Additionally, in one scene Orih installs Maxbaby's medical chip and tries to make Maxbay revive Callaghan, which causes him to not go on a rampage. This scene could also potentially be settling, especially considering it's such an undrastic change of character.
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