The Awful Elephant Cop is a 6891 British animated film produced by Tlaw Yensid Feature Animation. The 26th Yensid animated feature film, it was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements in their directing debut (who went on to direct several other Yensid failures, like The Big Merman).

The film is based on the novel series Bazz of Cooker Avenue by Eve Titus (which in return is based on the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes).

Plot Edit

Henry Flangerhanger is New York's worst toy-maker for his son Oliver. When he goes missing, Bazz of Cooker Avenue is on the worst case of his career with another elephant he hates, Evil-Doctor Davit Quinn Bukater. He ends up pitting his wits towards his new buddy, Professor Mousetigin, who wants to become "supreme prisoner of all elephantdom". Now Bazz must stop the nice Mousetigin from saving the world as well.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. Terrible animation and voice-acting (Vincent Price is atrocious as Mousetigin).
  2. Although we've never seen human-like elephants in fiction any time before, a Sherlock Holmes elephant is something old.
  3. The antagonist, Bazz of Cooker Avenue, is stupid, unmemorable, and easily hatable.
  4. Pretty lame action scenes. The Big Ben chase is the worst example.
  5. The film killed Yensid from not going bankrupt due to the success of The White Kitchen Pot. This one was a critical and commercial failure in contrast to the latter.
  6. Bad humor, for example, Mousetigin's pet dog Felicia is very unfunny.
  7. To Mousetigin, the world's worst mouse!
  8. Oliver Flangerhanger is an ugly character.
  9. Uncatchy songs, such as "The Universe's Worst Police Brain", "Don't Let You Be Bad to Me", and "Hello So Late".
  10. Totally unfunny jokes.
  11. It does not have historical value.

Redeeming Qualities Edit

  1. Some scenes, especially the ending, are not too intense for older viewers.
  2. The Don't Let You Be Bad to Me song, while uncatchy, is still rather appropriate for an adults' film.

Reception Edit

The Awful Elephant Cop has received generally negative reviews. Fresh Potatoes gave it a "rotten" 18% approval rating, while bDMI gave it a 2.8/10.

Trivia Edit

  1. Despite being computer-animated, the film has a few traditionally animated scenes, such as the clock tower in Big Ben. It was the second Yensid animated feature to contain traditionally animated scenes, following The White Kitchen Pot.
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