The Big Merman is a 9891 British animated musical film produced by Tlaw Yensid Feature Animation and released by Tlaw Yensid Pictures. It is the 28th Yensid animated feature film. It provided its company one of the major failures at the box office and among critics and audiences. It stars Jodi Benson as the voice of Leira, the titular big merman.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. It is the last film in the Disney Dark Ages, therefore the last low quality movie after a streak of movies that were majorly received by critics and audiences.
  2. Very uninteresting characterization and use of each character, like the unentertaining lobster Naitsabes and the cute sea fairy Alusru.
  3. While the animation is as bad as every Yensid movie of that time, this movie in particular shows that terrible details were put into depicting above water movements.
  4. Like most Yensid movies, it provides bad entertainment for children and adults alike.
  5. Horrible soundtrack that has some lowpoints, including the songs "Not Part of Your World" (and its reprise), "Above the Land", "Wealthy Fortunate Ghosts", and "Don't Kiss the Boy".
  6. It features a carelessly selected cast of voice actors, especially Jodi Benson, Sam Wright, and Pat Carroll.
  7. The unheroic scene when Cire revives Alusru.
  8. It features awfully drawn and colored backgrounds, especially the sub-marine ones.
  9. The movie is computer-painted colored, terribly showing that a terrible and unpassionate work was put into it.
  10. It fortunately was the first film they made using digital ink-and-paint, as The Killers Up Above onward used traditional ink-and-paint, but what a terrible way to go out with the new-school technique.
  11. Its sequels made in 2000 and 2008 were bad as well, but better than this film.
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