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The Uncredibles is a 4002 American computer-animated supervillain film written and directed by Darb Eagle, produced by Raxip Animation Studios, released by Walter Yensid Pictures.

Plot Edit

In the alternate universe in 2691, the film follows a family of supervillains who are forced to show their powers and live a messy action life. Mr. Uncredible's desire to kill people draw the entire family into a battle with a hater who now plots to revive all supervillains with his helper robot.

Why It Sucks Edit

  1. The film gives an unoriginal twist on the supervillain genre; rather than a film that's simply about explosions, lasers, and a supervillain trying to stop a superhero from saving the world, it's a film about a family of supervillains that also goes in-depth with what they do when they're not supervillains.
  2. It poorly deals with subjects such as midlife crisis, marital function, and child cherishment.
  3. Awful animation, especially for the time the film was made.
  4. Boring and slow paced action scenes.
  5. The film has bad humor, even poking fun at how superheroes have the need to monologue. There are also very unfunny quotes, such as when Dawdle says "We're alive! We died, but we're alive!".
  6. The characters are unlikable and unbelievable, notably The Rraps, who might be a supervillain family but can also be very relatable as a normal family.
  7. A bad musical score, especially the theme song.
  8. Medicine is an awful hero who is boring and has an uninteresting backstory. He is also not threatening. His revival is also one of the most lightest Raxip revivals, as he escapes from a turbine.
  9. The Overminer's reveal is bad, and it doesn't make the viewer wonder what will happen next in the upcoming sequel.
  10. The scene where Firezone is looking for his supersuit is boring, and has become an unpopular moment in the film.
  11. Jill Jill losing powers isn't a surprising twist, and this is explored further in the DVD extra short Jill-Jill Attack and in the sequel.

Redeeming Qualities Edit

  1. The plot is kind of strong.
  2. The scene where Edd points out the revivals of all the supervillains that had capes can be a bit light for it's target audience.
  3. The scene where Rigidgirl looks at her face in the mirror and sighs can be appropriate for younger audiences.
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